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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

0.37 progress and looking for help

We are still working on fixing the last bugs with version 0.37, like the Multiplayer name tags or the detachable parts and the camera.

In the mean time, we are looking for new team members as always


Blogger CaptainTman said...

Can I be in your team?

9/8/10 03:51

Blogger Ryker said...

I will be happy to be a beta tester for maps veilcles and versions and be part of team as part time email me at

PS im not rich

9/8/10 20:55

Blogger nicolas said...

Nice hearing this great sim keeps improving all the time !!

Hope i had some programming or modeling skills to provide some help!

12/8/10 16:41

OpenID ed said...

dear ror i downloaded it and did not work it said the config was not finished dwnloading i tryd 2 deleat it but it wont help me

20/8/10 21:21

Blogger xexi93 said...

hellow I have downloaded the 37 119 version of rigs of rods and I want to know is how to install the mods.
Please help me and advise me what I have to do.
Thank you very much and I hope that ye answer soon.

23/8/10 00:56

Blogger nsamele said...

can someone make me a flat school bus with a stop sign that comes out opening doors and a stop arm. can someone put the mirros that stick out from the front of the bus

4/12/10 22:40


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